Best Curly Hair Product ... Windmere Curly Top Hair Dryer

Make the perfect curls with the Windmere Curly Top Hair Dryers!

The Windermere hair dryer is the ideal hair dryer for curly hair types. It creates volume and body without the frizz. It’s an excellent choice for all hair types. If you don’t have time to air dry your hair in the morning it’s a perfect dryer for naturally curly hair, permed hair or even straight hair. It is extremely gentle drying your hair leaving the hair with natural curls and waves.

The full product features of the Windmere hair dryer is:

  • Compact dryer for easy traveling
  • Comfortable and adaptable handle
  • 1600 watts of controlled power
  • Gentle heat and air flow is non-damaging to hair
  • 2 heat settings
  • 2 speeds
  • Lightweight for easy styling
  • Diffuser does not frizz the hair
  • 5.5 power cord accompanied by electric shock protector
  • One year warranty
  • The Windmere hair dryer is best used on wet hair after a shampoo and deep conditioning treatment.

    Consider these tips when using your Windmere Dryer:

  • Make sure you keep the Windmere curly top hair dryer away from water.
  • Flip the hair once and then when head is flipped back use the Windmere curly top hair dryer about 3-4 inches from your hair. As air is lightly blown on the hair, loosly scrunch your hair for added curl definition.
  • Continue to lightly scrunch hair based on the desired curl. You can either choose to dry the hair completely or dry the hair to 70-80%.
  • Make sure you add your product in the beginning stages of drying the hair before reaching the end of the drying session.
  • The diffuser on the Windmere Curly Top Hair Dryer carefully releases air at an interval that is not damaging to the hair. An excellent option for those with extremely curly hair who don’t have time to wait for their hair to dry in the morning is a light diffuser like Windmere. It’s an excellent choice for all hair types but especially good for those with curly hair.