Hair Texturizers


What is a hair texturizer? It's basically a mild relaxer that loosens the natural curl pattern of the hair and produces easier manageability.

What's different from a texturizer and a relaxer is the texturizer (or mild relaxer) is left on the hair for a very short time. It is not combed throughout the hair to avoid the hair from becoming straight.

Treatments come in lye and no-lye formulas. For best results, use on naturally unprocessed curly hair. Once you get it done, you will be able to see what changes you’d like to make on different areas of your hair. Your stylist should be able to assist you.

This is a picture of a mild texturizer process done on 4a hair texture. The texturizer was applied to loosen the curl only slightly for added manageability. This process is also often chosen to give a "sleeker" look to hair.

See 4a hair texture here.

Many women who have very tightly curled hair have begun to look for ways to loosen their curls to give them better manageability and versatility. Although tight curls are very versatile, many women feel the need to opt for a change. You know the saying: "you always want what you don't have". Most people are never satisfied, which is alright. Just make the changes necessary for you to feel happy. Whether you are bored with your hair color and want to add a splash of color or you want to curl or straighten your hair, the choice is up to you.

The same goes for hair texturizers. Some feel it's not natural because it's chemically altering the hairs natural state. However, it's up to the individual to make that decision. Whether it be for better manageability or for added glamour, the choice is yours. You have to manage your hair and you have to be happy with your hair and do what feels best for you.

Today many women with curls - whether tight or medium curls, are looking for different styling options for their hair. Many women who have chemically straightened their hair in the past have decided that they wanted to go back to their curls. Many have never seen their natural curls since childhood and never knew what to expect. Once they stopped chemically straightening their hair and their natural curls grew in, they may have spent months or maybe even years getting to know their natural curls – how to manage them, and what products worked best on their hair type and texture.

For those who were not satisfied or for those wanting something different they have opted for a hair texturizer.


  • Picture A depicts texturized hair that's DRY
  • Picture B depicts texturized hair when WET

  • Here are some of the reasons why many women have chosen a hair texturizer.

  • Better Manageability
  • Maintaining curl pattern but having looser curls
  • Wanting curls to grow vertically rather than horizontally
  • Less Shrinkage
  • Reduce Frizz
  • If you want to maintain your hair texture and curl pattern but want to slightly loosen the curl it’s best to add a texturizer for a very short time without combing the hair out.

    But it’s best to visit a professional stylist that understands the process if you want the best results.

    Many stylists are very cautious when first applying a texturizer to the hair. They may leave it on for less time on the first visit to make sure the curls don't get too straight. Basically, they will under-process to ensure you get the desired result. If not, you can always go back. Most stylists will do it again to satisfy your desired look. The stylist will also take into consideration your hairs thickness and texture before they begin, to see if that result is possible. Some clients walk in to a salon showing their stylist a picture of someone else's hair but the stylist has to tell them that it's not possible to attain that exact look because of the texture or thickness/thinness of their hair. They will most likely show them a picture that will most look like them after the process based on their hair type and texture.

    Check the results of a texturizer:

    To determine whether or not the texturizer has "taken", shampoo and condition your hair. Look at the curl pattern of your hair when it's wet. You'll be able to see the results much better. While the hair is wet, if you see a looser curl pattern and it's softer when you comb it than your texturizing process was a success.


  • It’s best to visit a professional stylist who you know and have seen the results of their texturizers. Some stylists over-process and your curls become limp or you may have straight and curly sections all over. You must do your research first and find a stylist that understands the process of a texturizer. Make sure you tell them you want to maintain your curl pattern but just slightly looser. Acquire client testimonials or ask friends. Perhaps visit the salon and talk to the stylist before hand. Make sure you get the desired results you pay for!
  • It’s very important to use the right products on texturized hair. Try Motions conditioners or Kera Care products – specifically Interlink Leave-In Conditioner, Detangling Shampoo, Quench Moisturizing Spray, Revival Curl Revitalizer and Actisilk Curl Enhancer) which many stylists highly recommend. They have shampoos and conditioner’s that keep moisture in the hair. Also try, Aveda’s Purefume line which is made especially for texturized hair. Also Mind Organic Products (MOP) Leave-In Conditioner, used in addition with Split Personality Dual Purpose Smoothing Serum will add sheen and separation to curls.
  • When you wake up, to add definition to curls add water. You'll also need to add good moisturizing products to maintain the curl definition and add moisture.
  • Comb the hair while conditioner is still in it as this detangles the hair. Rinse the hair from root to ends and shake your head while in the shower. This loosens the individual curls and allows curls to lay naturally. Never comb curls after styling as this will add frizz. While adding product to your curls, use your fingers to style the hair. Swing your head forward and then back for added volume and dimension.
  • Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to add volume and definition to curls
  • ADVANTAGE of Texturizers

    You don’t have to texturize your hair every 6-8 weeks like you do a bone straight relaxer. With a texturizer it's hard to notice where your naturally curly hair ends and the texturized hair begins. Since your hair is growing curly you don't see the "line of demarcation" like you do with a relaxer. (Note: Read the transitioning section for more information on this).

    Recommended Products:

    Texturizer Texlaxed Hair Products

    Get custom organic texturizer curly hair products here!

    If you're still thinking about a texturizer think about your lifestyle and your patience level. If you want ease in styling, a texturizer may be for you. But don't forget to do your research... Take your time... And Good Luck! Remember, do what you want. It's your hair and nobody elses. Do what works for you! texturizers, texturizers, texturizers, texturizers, texturizers, texturizers

    For more product recommendations for caring for curly hair texturizers, visit the curly hair products page for more hairstyling tips.


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