Suavizar Salon

by Amy

Owner of Suavizar Salon and master of Curly Hair; Amy Martinez started in the industry when she was 17 years old. She worked for a well known salon corporation as an educator and a manager before pursuing her real love; -styling. Amy perfected her artistic approach to styling when, as a single mother, she developed a specialty bridal hair business — A Bride Too Be Hair Artistry and She has since worked with some of the most reputable photographers, designers, and models in the western fashion industry.

Amy believes that hair styling is a true form of art without forgetting that realism in everyday hair is essential. She is a scientist at red carpet looks and updos.

Amy opened SuaVizar Salon 6 months ago to truly create a salon like no other! Being a “green” salon, SuaVizar Salon has created central vacs that collect hair in the back that are then send to Matter of Trust to be recycled into hair mats for use to clean up oil spills in the ocean.

The purpose is to save our eco-system because hair attracts oil and is the most oil soluable material!

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