Sisterlocks ™

One of the most natural and beautiful hairstyle techniques are Sisterlocks™.

This unique hair management system is worn mainly by African American and multi-ethnic women who want to be all-natural. No more fussing with cupboards full of hair products, chemical burns or running from the humidity, this hairstyle is fabulous all around. But best of all, this technique can also be performed on women with relaxed hair!

For those with relaxed hair, the relaxed hair does not have to be cut off. The Sisterlock™ method can be started while the new growth begins to grow in. That’s the beauty of this technique. As we all know, many women like their length, which is why this intricate locking technique is advantageous for them.

It is a beautiful hair technique that is incredibly versatile. No extensions are added to the hair. Your own hair is the only hair used in this technique.

Many who sport Sisterlocks™ boast about how versatile it is. Many say their hair can be styled in the same way that their hair had been styled when their hair was relaxed.

Sisterlocks™ can be curled, pinned-up, twisted, worn straight... the options are endless.

The tiny locks that are perfectly sized hang beautifully. You have to really see some beautifully locked sisters to really understand how beautiful they look.

Here is some information about this unique technique:

Parting of the hair:

Usually the hair is parted in four sections. Then each square section consists of tiny square rows along the scalp. The parts are perfectly straight so that the hair can be easily styled into any style once complete.

For those with Sisterlocks™ the common complaint in the beginning is the scalp showing. This is only temporary. Regardless of whether your hair is thin or thick, the parts will show on newly completed Sisterlocks™. As the hair grows and is washed over time, the visible scalp sections will be less visible so don’t worry. It’s just part of the wonderful journey.

Coloring Locked Hair:

Regardless of whether you have Sisterlocks™ or have used any other locking technique like Bradelocz or palm-rolled locks, hair must be FULLY locked before undertaking coloring of the hair. The reason why this is necessary is because when coloring any type of hair, the hair must be rinsed out properly. This is equally or even more as important with locked hair. Actually, extra care must be taken to ensure the color solution is properly rinsed form locked hair.

In order to fully rinse out the color, the hair must be shampooed thoroughly several times to ensure there is no excess chemicals from the color on the hair. If the hair is not fully mature and locked, several rinses may cause some locks to unravel.

In order to continue on your locking journey it’s essential to carefully wash and care for your locks properly so that each lock matures at the same rate. If some locks must be re-locked during the lock journey, this slows down the locking process. Wait until your locks are mature before considering color.

What should I NEVER do with my locs?

Never use a curling iron! Hot irons on any locked hair runs the risk of straightening or pressing the hair permanently. Some individuals with naturally curly – tightly coiled hair or locked hair have complained that a hot curling iron had straightened their hair in certain areas permanently.

Even after shampooing the hair after applying a hot comb or curling iron on the hair, some had complained areas of their hair had been straightened and the curls never reverted after washing the hair. Although this has occurred in some cases, it’s best to use rollers rather than a hot iron. It’s better to be safe than sorry right? After spending so much time on locking your hair, the last thing you’d want are straightened areas that are inconsistent with your natural hair texture.

Find Out Everything You Need to Know First!

There are several Sisterlock ™ consultants across the country that can perform this unique weaving technique.

If you want to find out more information about Sisterlocks ™ or a consultant near you, visit the founder, Dr. Cornwell’s Sisterlocks website where she offers a free information packet that you can print out before you decide on Sisterlocks ™. Dr. Cornwell states that it’s a journey, not a trend or short-term hairdo.

Find out as much as you can first so that your Sisterlock™ journey is a journey you’ll want to remember forever!

Brunsli's Sisterlocks™ Hair Journey!

One woman's gorgeous hair journey Finding the best hairstyle for you can be a challenging experience if you've been reliant on chemical relaxers, heat styling products as well as hair styling products like gels, pomades and sprays. Brunsli shares her hair journey from relaxed to natural. Her GORGEOUS Sisterlocks™ make heads turn on any day of the week.

Brunsli shares pictures and information for anyone considering this locking method.

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