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7. Do you use any tools to retighten your Sisterlocks ™? If so what do you use, and why is this tool right for you?

8. If you use a re-tightening tool, does this tool come in one size? If not, what’s the suggested size to re-tighten your particular size of Sisterlocks ™?

My hairdressers all use the Sisterlocks™ tools, but I have the Nappylocs tool. As I said above, I don’t use it much! It comes in several sizes and is reasonably priced. The Sisterlocks™ tools are available only to people who have taken a Sisterlocks™ course, and I think it only comes in one size, suitable for the range of lock sizes.

9. How long have you had Sisterlocks ™?

Since January 2004, so 27 months as of now.

10. What is the shape of Sisterlocks ™? (square, flat, circular? Please explain).

They are round. Mine are not as uniformly shaped as other people’s. I think mine are a bit nubby because my hair texture is not as curly as other women’s with locks.

11. How do you maintain your Sisterlocks ™? i.e., What shampoo do you use? Is it a clarifying shampoo? Do you dilute your shampoos? Do you ever wash and condition with Apple Cider Vinegar? Etc.

More importantly, what method do you use to shampoo your hair? Just jump in the shower and wash as you did your relaxed hair? Is there anything special you do to your hair to prepare it for a wash?

I wash my scalp well with Aveda Detox shampoo, then rinse it through the ends. On my second wash, I use Aveda Rosemary Mint (or Clove) shampoo followed by Aveda Rosemary Mint conditioner. I am a pushover for great-smelling shampoos!

I think it would be better to use a locking shampoo, with fewer (or no) conditioners, and not to condition at all. I just can’t, because my hair doesn’t feel as good without conditioner. The one compromise I have made is washing my hair on an as-needed basis, rather than every five days as I would like to.

The Aveda Detox shampoo is a clarifying shampoo, which is important for locks, since dust, skin, lint, feathers from pillows, and all kinds of things can get trapped in locks, though Sisterlocks are so thin that it is probably not as much as an issue as with thicker locks.

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