Increase Nape Hair Growth with These Simple Tips

Nape Hair Growth - Grow Nape Hair Longer

Nape Hair Growth – Is Yours Growing Long & Strong or Breaking With Little to No Growth?Discover How to Grow Nape Hair Faster Right Now!

Is your nape hair not growing and living up to it's full potential? If you're looking for the secrets to growing longer hair at the nape of your neck, look no further! There is hope...

If you've found it difficult to grow the back of your hair for some time and need hair growing tips to help grow your nape hair longer, there are some things you need to evaluate first about your daily styling regimen before you do anything. It just may be that your daily routine may actually have an impact on the way that your hair has been growing at the nape.

A few nape hair growth facts...

Some people experience rapid nape hair growth, while others have to deal with constant breakage or very little growth at all. Why is this? Does one person eat better and exercise more then the other? Is their genetic makeup better? Well, it's much more complicated then that. There may be several factors that may affect how your hair grows. Daily styling routines, as well as simple every day lifestyle choices and routines that have nothing to do with your hair, can actually slow your hair growth at the nape of your head. What causes this problem? Well, there are several factors.

Here are some things you need to avoid doing in order to improve your nape hair growth:

  • 1. If you are chemically treating your hair (i.e., with a relaxer for example, you can actually over process your hair. Perhaps your nape hair is being over-processed and that's why it's breaking. Stop this over processing now! If you begin relaxing this area first, maybe now's the time to relocate. Your stylist should know this. Change salons if your stylist is causing you harm. Check out those cosmetology certificates on her wall. Are they outdated? Perhaps it's time for your stylist to get some upgrading. You're paying good money to get your hair done, so it should be done right!
  • 2. Tight ponytails or other tight hairstyles can cause breakage at the nape of your head. If on a regular basis you're pulling your hair up into tight styles and pulling the hair too tight at the base of your head, you're causing more harm then good. Stop this immediately or you'll have choppy, uneven hair that won't grow. Looser hairstyles that let the hair be free is the best style for your hair, root and scalp.
  • 3. Friction is death to good hair. If you love to wear turtle neck sweaters or jackets with high collars that constantly rub against the back of your hair, this can lead to breakage. The constant pulling, rubbing and tugging of the fabric on your hair can actually hamper hair growth. So, take a look at your wardrobe so that you can see the culprit and nip it in the bud. Decrease how often you wear these pieces to avoid more damage. If you want to restore the health of your hair, it's best to stop wearing these hair tearing clothes immediately! It's time for a wardrobe change.
  • 4. Health problems may also be a factor in stunting or hampering hair growth. See a dermatologist or a health practitioner if you're having scalp problems, dryness, flaking or simply questioning what's going on internally. Often times what's happening internally reflects on the outside. Get checked out if your hair growth problems are not getting any better. There are experts that can help.
  • 5. Wash your hair once per week with a clarifying shampoo like Gionvanni, as this will help remove any dirt or buildup. A gentle massage especially around the nape area will cleanse the scalp and open up the follicles. Buildup is the enemy for healthy hair growth, so regular cleansing is extremely important. A warm water shampoo followed by a cool rinse and an olive oil conditioning treatment will help.
  • 6. Avoid using synthetic ingredients on your hair. Try using all-natural organic hair products that are specifically formulated for curly hair. This will not only add more moisture to your hair, but ithese products are also made up of natural ingredients to assist in hair growth, while also helping to keep your hair continuously moisturized throughout the day and giving you gorgeous curls.
  • Your nape hair growth can improve by following these simple tips.

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