Interlock Dreadlocks Look Stunning!

An Alternative - Interlock Dreadlocks

If you have decided to grow dreadlocks, interlocked dreadlocks may be the answer for you. I have 4b hair type and I've tried creating dreadlocks with braids, two-strand twists and now interlocked dreads.

4b Hair How to Create Interlock Dreads So, why did I choose to forgo the other two methods to start my dreads? Well, there were a couple of reasons.

Firstly, when I braided my hair in tiny braids, I found that over time my hair felt hard. But not only that, I also didn't like the flat look of my "dreads". Although I do know that over time they will become cylindrical, this method was not for me.

Then I decided ok, two-strand twists will be the method for me. It was fairly quick to do and my hair already had the cylindrical shape I wanted using this method. So, why did I take them down? I found I had a lot of bunching and shrinkage. But the main issue was bunching which caused the dreads to not look uniform. This lead me to do a little research online which lead me to the interlocking method of creating dreadlocks.

Interlocked dreadlocks are an excellent method to use to create your dreadlocks. I had no idea this method existed until I saw the term mentioned several times. So, I had to find out; "what is interlocking dreadlocks"? Based on what I read online, it sounded like it was a good method to lock the hair. So, after hours of research, I decided this was the perfect method to create my dreadlocks.

Why? Well...

Interlocked Dreads have a ton of advantages:

1. Your dreads instantly look like dreads from day one! 2. They have a cylindrical pattern 3. The pattern used is tight so you have less shrinkage 4. Locks are silky and smooth 5. The method is fairly easy to learn

What's the drawback? Creating interlock dreadlocks can be a time consuming process, especially if you want dreads the size that I wanted (medium to small).

Here is a picture of my DIY interlocked dreads.

Interlocked Dreadlock Method How To

It took me about 15 minutes to do each one. Although you can do it yourself, it is VERY time consuming. If you have the patience go for it. If you can find a professional I highly recommend it. But if you opt to do it yourself do it in stages. Set aside a couple of hours per day to do it.

In any case, interlock dreadlocks are an excellent option if you want dreads to look mature instantly. Note that the pics above show dreads that are about 2 months old, so take into account that they have been washed many times. But still, notice how silky smooth they look?

I also find they look very similar to Sisterlocks. I have no idea about the Sisterlocks method. I only know that a tool is used to weave a pattern into the hair. I assume it may very well be an interlocking method since this method is used to retwist the hair.

I use the NappyLoc tool to re-twist. Dreadlock maintenance is not hard, but it can be time consuming if you have smaller dreadlocks. Your re-twisting sessions may take a few hours every 6-8 weeks. You'll have to set aside this time whether you do it yourself or have it professionally done.

Although this method may not be for everyone, it's a beautiful style if you have the time to maintain it. Locks this small can be time consuming to maintain (re-twisting sessions). Depending on your lifestyle it may or may not be right for you.

Special thanks to nubianlockedprincessnyc for providing an easy to understand how to create interlock dreadlocks tutorial. I used the 9,6,3,12 method for tightly curled hair. See the above photos. If you want to view her how to interlock dreadlocks tutorial online click here!

Want to learn more about caring for your dreadlocks? Check out one to the top natural hair care books that assist in maintentance and styling of your dreadlocks.

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