Hard Water Hair Problems & Solutions

Your Hard Water Hair Issues Can Be Solved! No more dry brittle hair...

Have you experienced the nightmare of using hard water on your hair? The majority of us never worry about the type of water we use on our hair, but that’s because you didn’t know what iron, calcium and magnesium can do to your lovely locks.

If you’ve ever experienced a problem with your shampoo and thought you had selected the wrong type of product it probably was the hard water. You see, hard water makes it difficult to get a good lather. It interferes with the ingredients of soap and shampoo and leaves traces of iron, calcium and magnesium on your hair. Over time this builds up and leaves your hair dull, flat and lifeless.

Have you noticed dry flat hair after using certain shampoos? Perhaps some breakage and dryness issues you’ve been experiencing? Most shampoos won’t stand up to the remnants of hard water minerals, but there are a few that are proactive and try to accommodate you more than you know. But hard water isn’t just a problem on the hair, but the entire body. You know those unknown rashes that show up every now and again? or that itchy feeling that you can’t remedy with lotion? It could be the affects of hard water; just imagine what it’s doing to your hair.

They say half the population suffers from having hard water flow through their pipes and at first mention of this you might shutter at the thought, but there’s a quick fix available right at your local hardware store. The easiest remedy is to purchase a shower head that filters out the remnants of hard water. They come with filters that need to be changed every few months, but it’s worth the extra expense.

You could also purchase a water softener system that can be installed in your home. These systems can be expensive running upwards of $1500, so before investing in a water softener system you should have your water tested, which could cost less than $20. If you have significant levels of minerals in your water then it will be justified for you to invest in such a costly system.

If you are suffering from the affects of hard water on your hair, there is a quick remedy you can do right now; make a solution of apple cider vinegar and water and rinse your hair thoroughly. This will remove the build up of minerals. You can also wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Keep in mind, clarifying shampoos can become drying if you use them too often. So this is more of a quick fix but not a long term remedy.

Investigate whether you have hard water problems in your home and make some changes now and watch the difference in your hair. Hard water hair issues can easily be solved if you use the treatment methods above.

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