Tips for Growing Natural Hair

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Do you agree with many tightly curly haired individuals that growing natural hair is a difficult task?

A common myth says that African American women can’t grow natural hair well. This is not true.

If you’ve ever used a relaxer or colored your hair, you will know this statement is ridiculous. You need to go back and have a touch up on the new growth, don’t you? This shows that the hair is actually growing.

  • African American hair is curly. When the hair curls tightly, it takes longer to see the results of growing your hair. As it dries, it coils up and appears shorter.
  • African American hair is also more fragile and more prone to breakage than Caucasian hair. If you are attempting to grow your natural hair, you will need to take good care of it and always treat it gently.
  • People may tell you that trimming the hair will make it grow faster. You may wonder if this is true. The statement is not exactly true. When the hair is not trimmed regularly, it is more prone to breakage. Your hair is still growing, but you don’t get to see the results. The hair breaks off before it gets noticeably longer. Regular trimming will help prevent this breakage, which allows you to see and enjoy the growth of your hair.

  • Styling also causes breakage. Chemicals such as relaxers and hair color are very damaging to the hair. These products cause extensive breakage in many women. This is one of the best reasons to forego chemicals and concentrate on growing the hair and appreciating its natural beauty and texture.
  • Grow Long Natural Hair Fast

    Styling with heat can also cause breakage in the hair. This includes using blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons or Marcel irons on a regular basis.

  • Avoid heat whenever possible and style your hair naturally.
  • When you do have to use heat, be sure to handle your hair with care.

    Conditioning your hair and using the right products will help keep your hair looking great and growing natural hair will no longer be a concern for you.

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