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The grass is always greener on someone else’s lawn. The same can be said for how we cut curly hair. But what's interesting is that anyone who has curly hair wants straight hair. Anyone with straight hair wants curly hair. Luckily, there are remedies: hair straightening irons and chemicals, perms and humid weather in the summer on the east coast to frizz even a poker straight head of hair, and dry desert weather in the west to take the curl out of Orphan Annie.

However, if you are blessed with curly hair and have made peace with your head of hair, then one of the biggest challenges you face is how to cut curly hair.

Curly hair is fabulous – it can be sassy, sophisticated or sexy. However, the way you cut curly hair can be your ticket to chic or your highway to hell.

So follow these steps when you get a curly hair cut:

The best way to cut curly hair is on an angle to establish volume without the bulk.

  • To get the best curly haircut, first consider your options.
  • Celebrity worship isn’t necessarily advised here, but they are out there looking their best, so consider some curly hair cuts on gorgeous celebs like: Meg Ryan, Jill Scott, Will’s pal Grace, Macy Gray, Kashanna Evans, Helena Bonham Carter, Andie MacDowell, Kerri Russell and (when her curly hair cut is showing) Nicole Kidman. Don’t like any of those? Read on.

    Curly Hair Cut Basics:

  • Don’t force it. The important thing when cutting curly hair is to allow the hair to flow, organically. This doesn’t mean don’t cut it. Au contraire. The curly hair cut is very important. If you don’t cut curly hair, you will end up with an unshaped mass. The trick is to alleviate bulk and width. A hair stylist who specializes or is even just proficient in curly hair cuts will know how to cut the hair to eliminate the bulk – without necessarily eliminating the length – and lessening the width of the hair so you don’t end up with a flared helmet shape on your head.
  • Layers. Beware of layering hair. The problem with layering hair in a curly hair cut is that if layering that straight haired people employ is used in a curly hair cut, you may end up with flat tiers of hair on day two or three or five after the hair cut.
  • Thinning is not the same as eliminating bulk. Any thinning of curly hair in a curly haircut may lead to unwanted frizz. Your stylist needs to know the difference between thinning hair (as done with straight haired people who have thick hair) and eliminating bulk in a curly haircut.

  • Combing Curly Hair – Use a wide-tooth comb. Don’t even think about using one of those black barbershop deals with the teeth so close together it could double as a bread knife.

    Your curly hair cut deserves the best, and the wide teeth on a comb will get rid of snarls, tangles and knots, while preserving the integrity of your curly hair and your curly hair cut by allowing the hair to flow naturally, rather than get processed through the meat grinder teeth of a too tightly teethed comb.

    Blow-drying Curly Hair Cuts – Use a diffuser on the end of your hair dryer and use cool air to keep your curl.

    Why, why, why? Why do you have curly hair?

    Your hair is curly because of your chemical makeup. Not the makeup you buy at the Clinique counter – the atoms that make up your body’s chemistry.

    Hair is actually made of protein that contains sulfides (or sulfer atoms). Sulfer atoms that bond are called disulfide bonds.

    If two sulfides on a protein atom are far away from each other, when they do come together to bond, the protein in between bends. This is what causes curls.

    Anyone with curly hair has a lot of disulfide bonds – more than people with straight hair. Anyone who gets a perm to make their hair curly is putting chemicals on their hair to try and make more disulfide bonds.

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