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    We share the most recent hair news articles and new hair research to keep you informed about your hair. Stay up to date with our curly hair blog.

    Two groups of international researchers, including one team with members from Canada, have found a new region of DNA that appears to increase some men's susceptibility to male pattern baldness. So mom, it's not all your fault ;)... Find out about this new DNA that makes some men more susceptible to becoming bald here!

    An excellent article for salon owners: How to keep your salon businesses bank charges low. This informative article touches on the major business decisions you need to make regarding interest rates, overdraft charges, online banking, free banking, transaction charges and how to reclaim unfair bank charges. A definite must read.

    Is the Brazilian Keratin Hair Technique Safe for You?

    - Find the latest hairstyle trends for spring 2008! This informative article explains what hairstyles and hair coloring techniques are in fashion this season. Simple and subtle, contrast and texture... Keep up to date by checking out this very stylish article now!

    Onion juice may help patchy hair loss Australian researchers have found a link between onion juice and it's aid in treating patchy hair loss from those suffering with alopecia areata. Read the full article by clicking the headline link above.

    Boston Globe - Black women find freedom with new 'do It's not just about hair, it's a cultural movement!

    Clearly Gottlieb Has a Bad Hair Day!! GLAMOUR Editor Ruffles A Few Feathers Over Comments Made About Certain Curly Hair Styles!

    - Seven Year old curly girl donates 15 inches of her curly locks to Locks of Love! Read why 7 year old Morrison donated her locks...

    - NEWS!!! - University Bans Certain Curly Hairstyles! Read more here...

    Hair could tell drinking secrets

    Scientists have developed a range of hair, blood and urine tests which can show how much someone has drunk over the past days, weeks or even months. (Read full BBC News Article here).

    Carol's Daughter Gets Backed By Celebrities!

    Lisa Price, founder of Carol's Daughter cosmetics line gets huge support for her products from celebrities like Jay-Z, Jada Pinket-Smith and Will Smith.

    NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jay-Z are among the big-name investors in a Brooklyn-based beauty line called Carol's Daughter, according to the New York Post. Read Full CNN Article here.... Carol's Daughter on CNN

    Human Hair Exports in India:

    India exports human hair worth Rs. 1300 cr. each year (India Daily)

    Hair, whether lengthy, curly, or short, gives a man or a woman a beautiful appearance and India exports human hair worth Rs.1300 crores (approx. US$271 million) a year for making mannequins, wigs and hair ''extensions'' mainly for young women.

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