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Curly hair can sometimes be a challenge if you don't have the right products that can help you through climatic changes like humidity, daily activities or stress. Your curly locks deserve the best treatment.

Natural curls require moisture not grease or heavy products that weigh hair down and lead to heavy product build-up.

It's very difficult to find the right products for each individuals curly hair because of the variety of hair textures etc. So, the best we can do is stick together and help one another out – right?

Our curly haired readers have various hair textures ranging from 2A – 4C. (See "Hair Types" page for details). Some of our curly girls even have two hair textures. This page features products best suited for particular curly hair textures according to the experiences of our readers.

Below are pictures followed by products that our curly girls have enjoyed using on their curly locks. Perhaps their recommendations will be suitable for your curly hair too. You can also check out our product page for product ingredients to avoid when purchasing your curly haired products.

Thanks to our curly readers for submitting their pictures below. Your curls are all so beautiful!

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Hello ... After 25 years of looking for and trying virtually every hair product out there, I have found one that has never let me down .. and that would be the John Frieda "FRIZZ EASE" line especially formulated for naturally curly hair.

It is not the most expensive product out there, yet it does do justice for the hair. It settles the frizz down, accentuates the curls and makes my hair shiny.

I have used everything from KMS to Joico to Sebastion ... and have not found anything that comes close to FRIZZ EASE. I am amazed that a drug store product would deliver beautiful results to dry, frizzy prone hair. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, and, at 40 .. I'm not cutting my hair if I can find a product that keeps my hair looking healthy at my age.

~ Karen Liana / Alberta Canada


Jade was gracious enough to send us fabulous pictures of her beautiful curls. Although we don't have product recommendations from Jade, here are some products that may work wonders on curls like Jades.

To Define Curls: IC Fantasia Clear Gel, Elasta QP Glaze and Elasta QP Feels Like Silk Styling Control Jel, Curl Keeper, SMOOTH 'N SHINE Super Conditioning Gel, Black N' Sassy Wrap Creme, Curl Friends Control Gel

For Moisture: Lustrasilk Moisture Control

Sheen: John Frieda Hair Serum, Frizz Ease Hair Serum, IC Fantasia Hair Polisher

(Note: See our products page for more details on some of these curly hair products).


Just thought I would send in a picture of my hair, I tend to wear twist outs and puffs alot. Love the website!~Autumn, CA

Usually when I do twist outs I start with damp hair. I use Abba's Complete Shampoo and Moisture Scentsation Conditioner. I usually only shampoo every two weeks. I do the no-poo method. As for products, I use all-natural oils and creams. For this chunky twist out, I used JASON organic vitamin E moisturizing cream and Spectrum Organic Coconut oil.

I don't visit salons, I like to experiment on my hair and find out new interesting styles on my own. It usually takes around 1.5 hours if I'm doing medium sized twists, but for this twist out, I twisted large chunks of hair and it only took maybe half an hour. After twisting, I put on an old cotton scarf, I have a satin scarf but those things are slippery and hardly stay on. In the morning, I unraveled the twists, dampened and brushed the edges, and secured my green head scarf seen in the photo. =) it's a simple style that doesn't take too long and looks nice.


A great product for 2A/B curls is Salon Finish – moisture balance crème activator with silk protein. I've tried several products but my hair still remained very dry. I tried this product and it's worked wonderfully. It conditions, moisturizes and softens. The text on the bottle says it all.

SALON FINISH FOR SILKY HAIR ™ CRÈME ACTIVATOR: Instantly restores the curl pattern. Contains keratin, silk protein and extra moisturizing lite conditioners that keep curls full of body and bounce. The crème activator lubricates and conditions scalp, yet hair is not greasy or wet. Use daily without fear of buildup.


My hair routine is fairly simple. I wash my hair and add a conditioner for added moisture. Then I usually use a non-greasy moisturizer like Lustrasilk to moisturize my hair and scalp.

I only use one major beauty tool for my hair which is a soft bristle brush for added neatness. It also helps style my hair although my hair is quite short.

When I want to add waves to my hair, I use products like Elasta QP Glaze which adds sheen and defines the waves in my hair.


If you want to add definition to 3A-4C hair texture but don’t want to overspend, the Black N’ Sassy hair products have been extremely helpful. I have 4a/b hair and have found Black N’ Sassy’s Wrap Crème wonderful at adding moisture and definition to my hair. If you want something a bit heavier try Black & Sassy’s Creamy Set. And best of all, these products are inexpensive. Both products have a creamy consistency and both smell pleasant. I also add a bit of Lustrasilk Moisture Max oil moisturizing hair lotion. It’s great at restoring moisture, body and softness. Best of all it has jojoba oil and vitamins.

I also like the Curl Keeper product because it’s water based and adds definition to my curls. After I wash my hair it’s very frizzy. Once I add Curl Keeper to my hair, the product hugs my curls and my curls become so much more defined. I’d recommend this product to all curly girls regardless of hair texture. I like to add the Lustrasilk Moisture Max again to my hair to keep it moisturized prior to adding this to my hair.

Also one of my must have products is the Infusium 23 Leave-In Conditioner which I use after each wash. It detangles really well and adds shine and moisture without an oily feel. This is a must-have product for any curly hair texture.


2C Hair: I had a really hard time finding products that agreed with my hair type. Some products were way too greasy and weighed my hair down, while others lacked moisture and left my hair very frizzy. Well, I've finally found products that agree with my curly hair. The products that I use are Strictly Curls shampoo and conditioner by Marc Anthony (local drug store). I also use Frizz Ease by John Freida and a deep conditioner called Miraculous Recovery – also by John Freida. I usually use it monthly to really condition my hair. I use Care Free Curl Activator with a gel in the day for added moisture and sheen.

If you’d like to recommend a product that makes your curly hair bounce, send us your pic along with your recommendations too!


Well, my primary method of maintenance is latching--notpalmrolling. I only palmroll about three times/year. On those occasions thatI do palmroll, I only use a light oil (such as jojoba oil or cosmetic gradesesame oil) infused with patchouli oil (for scent).

I like to use natural products on my hair for added moisture and manageability.

For shampooing, I use Edgar Cayce's Olive Oil Shampoo. I've used others butthis is my absolute favorite.

(See more pictures of Toy. She also shares her hair routine!)


I've never really been a "product junkie". I try to use natural shampoos.

Sometimes I condition my hair with apple cider vinegar. I use this as a rinse.

I think that there are a lot of factors to having healthy hair. I drink lots of water, I eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, I don’t use a lot of heavy products that can cause build-up or give hair a dull appearance.

I also try and use natural products such as my homemade oils (olive oil, essential oils – clary sage, rosemary, patchouli is my current blend).

To read more about Bradelocz and the Latchin' Method, read our featured interview with Bradelocz Expert Cherie King!


After washing my hair and picking it out with a large afro pick, I like to add moisturizer like the Lock & Twist Gel. I think it's on the products page.

This is excellent at adding moisture and holding my twists neatly in place.

Basically, I section my hair and then use the Lock & Twist Gel for added hold and extra sheen.

For detailed info on curly hair texture classifications, click here.


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