Brazilian Hair Straighteners

Have you heard about the Brazilian hair straighteners?

Many people have taken to the new Brazilian hair straightening craze. This new hair straightening technique is supposed to add a silky smooth shine to hair that lasts for four months! It is believed that after the shower you won’t have to worry about smoothing out loose flyaway hairs with a flat iron because the Brazilian hair straightening technique is meant to keep your hair silky smooth while still maintaining your hairs body (unlike their competitor the Japanese hair straightening technique that leaves your hair bone straight).

The Brazilian hair straightener gives your hair body and bounce without the overly flat look but still leaves hair straight and smooth.

Although the cosmetic results of this keratin Brazilian treatment have produced amazing results, some people question the use of the active ingredient used in its production. It actually uses formaldehyde! Remember using that in science class! Morgues use it too. Yikes! Yup, it’s the same stuff. Sounds crazy but many people are not taken back by this and still choose to use this costly process on their hair.

However, there are many who refuse to use this product because they question the health effects of formaldehyde - since it is known to increase the risk of various cancers!

However, with the advent of experienced scientists and months of testing a new Brazilian hair straightener has surfaced that does not use the harmful "cancer-causing" formaldehyde. It’s a new formulation that has surfaced in the industry of Brazilian keratin hair treatments. This new formulation claims to be "safer" and "formaldehyde-free."

Two companies currently offer the Brazilian keratin treatments using safer formulations of the formaldehyde formula:

Márcia Teixeira and Peter Coppola Salon. But there are formaldehyde-free at-home kits but they only last until the next shampoo.

Márcia Teixeira offers a $70 Four-Step Deep Conditioning Treatment. You can find out more information at
And the Brazilian Blowout is going to launch an at-home kit in September 2008. This information can be found at If you are thinking about having this treatment done on your hair, consider these things first:

  • Make sure you do your research! There are many products that are not the authentic product thereby putting consumers at risk. Don’t be one of them.
  • Make sure your hair is healthy and strong enough for this process. Anything that alters your hairs natural state is considered a chemical process.
  • Make sure the salon you consider can prove to you that they are trained and experienced in doing this process. Ask them if they have a portfolio of happy clients who have had the process done. Any experienced stylist would be happy to supply you with this information. You could also see if their certificate is displayed in the salon for credibility. Do your due diligence and only do what you feel comfortable with. It's an expensive process. $300-$400 for one sitting is a big deal so get all the information upfront.
  • Who knows how good this really is. Should we wait for more testing or join the bandwagon? Hmmmm...

    Find out more about the formaldehyde-free Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment here!
    If you are searching for salons offering Brazilian keratin treatments and products, you should contact them directly to see if they offer the new formaldehyde-free formulations.

    Remember take your time and do your research. It's a costly process and you owe it to yourself, your hair and your wallet.

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