Are Bleached Knots Your Best Choice?

Choosing bleached knots for your lace front wig is a good choice, but first let me explain what it is if you are still not sure.

This is probably something that sounds very confusing to most people because it isn’t a term that you hear or read about every day. But keep reading and I will explain to you what it means when someone tells you that a wig has bleached knots.

Basically, when a lace front of full lace wig is made, the hair is hand tied in knots. Sometimes this could look a little less natural than you'd want it to. When those knots are bleached to a lighter color it tends to look a lot more natural and most wig stores have started bleaching the knots by default. So, if you don’t want it done, you need to specify that when you order your wig.

If you want the hair to appear as if it’s growing from your scalp then the best thing to do is getting your wig with bleached knots. They won’t be completely invisible, but someone will need to be extremely close and examining your hair to see the tiny knots.

With a front lace wig, the front will be bleached but if you bought a full lace wig then the knots all around the wig will be bleached. This is done because with a full lace wig you are able to wear your hair in a ponytail and it should look natural at the back too.

The base of your wig plays an important role when it comes to bleached knots, because it won’t look good on just anything. It’s best to have your wig made with French lace or monofilament, which will ensure your bleached knots look exactly the way they should.

If you are still not sure what this all means or can’t seem to picture how it will look, go down to a wig store and ask them to show you what a wig with bleached knots look like.

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