Bentonite Clay Hair Mask Conditioning Treatment

What's all the talk about bentonite clay as a natural hair care treatment?

Every day your body builds up waste material. This is a natural process and while we often think of waste from our bodies in certain, shall we say, colorful terms, it’s often the unseen excretions that can cause the most damage. Bentonite is a detoxifying agent that helps remove this excess waste from hair and other parts of the body.

Every cell eliminates waste and over time this material becomes toxic to the body, especially when it cannot be eliminated or filtered and builds up. For hair, this can lead to a dull appearance and difficult to manage locks. Hair is the product of a living organism, the roots, and if this epicenter of growth is contaminated and overrun with waste, then hair will not appear as healthy as it could.

Bentonite Clay therapy is safe and effective in detoxifying hair and skin and other areas of the body. It works to break down the waste matter because of its chemical composition and ionic charge. This natural substance absorbs toxins that tear down the hair follicles, weakening them and causing poor looking hair. It also helps to rejuvenate damaged cells and tissue, which promotes new healthy growth.

Bentonite is a natural substance that can be used in baths as well as internally and externally. This method of therapy will also help those individuals who are exposed to heavy metals or radiation buildup. Radiation and Chemotherapy are some of the causes of hair loss for cancer patients. The clay may help reduce, or slow, the external effects of these treatments while allowing the process to do its job.

There are different types of Bentonite Clay, so it is important to understand the difference between each one as they will work differently on different parts of the body as well as more effectively on some substances as opposed to others.

The clay of bentonite is found most commonly in the Great Plains of the U.S. and when placed in contact with water, expands, much like a sponge. It draws the toxins to the surface of the skin where they can then be secreted naturally. You may find that your skin or scalp looks worse at first, but this is simply because the clay is drawing out these deep-seated toxins.

This clay will work wonders for hair as well as skin and help the follicles produce healthy, shiny and full hair.

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