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Is your curly hair stressing you out? Well, we have great options for you.

If you have a dinner, party, or special function to attend in the coming months you've come to the right place.

Need help with your hair for that special occasion? CHS is here to help you get the look you desire. From fancy up-dos to loose lovely curls...curls are in and there are a ton of options.

We'll show you the right products to use for your hair style this season. Whether you have thick or fine hair, the options are endless. You don't have to go any further.

Just sit back and relax and we'll be happy to share some hair tips to make you the STAR of the party!

Find the right hairstyle to match your fabulous dress or outfit. Roll it, flip it, curl it, twirl it...jazz it up with a little style and flare. Work those curls!

Check out the "hairstyle tips" page for all of these lovely styles.

Grow Hair Long Guide!

Discover the Secret to Growing Afro Hair Long!Grow Afro Hair Longer Faster! Caring for your curls often times does take a bit of time. Finding the right tools and the right products is only a small part of the equation. There are certain habits and style routines that need to be followed religiously, in order to attain longer and stronger hair without the breakage. It is VERY possible to grow long healthy hair even if you have a tighter curl pattern. So, if you're a budget conscious curly looking to grow longer hair in less time, there is a very inexpensive guide that will tell you EXACTLY how to do it. ---> 15 Secrets for Growing Long Black Hair Fast! This simple and easy to read guide is an eye opener. You don't need a thick and heavy book to grow long hair. You just need a simple, step-by-step guide that is straight to the point telling you exactly what you need to do to grow your hair beyond shoulder length. It is VERY possible to achieve! To receive your Grow Hair Guide instantly, click on the link below.

Why not follow the advice of someone who has achieved bra strap length (BSL) 4b hair. I did it and you can too!! Grab your guide by clicking here!


Market Your Salon With Newsletters!

Hair Salon Newsletter Templates At Last! ... A Simple Paint-by-Number, Customizable & Ready-to-Use Salon Newsletter Template and Articles Pack to Help You Dramatically Add More Customers to Your Business!

Salon Owners on a Budget: Here is a quick way to provide great content to your prospects and existing customers that will keep them coming back to you! Salon Newsletters that you can use to grow your business! These are professionally designed and written hair salon newsletters with great tips, advice and content! Plus there are areas where you can add your own content and business information, offers, coupons etc. to help you gain more exposure and promote your salon locally! Hair Salon Newsletters add a personal touch and keep you in constant contact with your customers! Communication with your market is essential for growing your business. These newsletters add that strong element to help your business grow!


Curly Hair Solutions - Curl Keeper ™!

Curl Keeper™ A Must Have!
Define Those CURLS! Curly Hair Solutions and the Cutting Crew Team have a wide selection of curl products for all ethnicities. Our favorite... Curl Keeper™.Their product line meets the unique needs of individuals trying to add easier manageability and style to their curls. But what's best about this line of curl products is that they don't use wax, silicone or oil. Water is it's main ingredient!
Read the interview with Curl Keeper™ founder Jonathan Torch as he shares his secrets to gorgeous curls quickly and easily.

Need More Clients? Set Up Your Salon On Google Places Today!!

Get Your Salon On Google Maps Now!
Google Maps and Places for Salon Businesses Google Places continues to help salons gain more exposure online by allowing potential clients to easily locate your hair salon. Discover how successful salons use the SALON GUIDE TO MORE CLIENTS: Using Google Places. Grab your step-by-step guide today and discover how to easily set up your Google Places page. And learn the secret technique to attract customers to your website and Google Places page. This will put your listing to the top of the search results in Google – even above the other organic search results listed!
The Salon Guide to More Clients Using Google Places:
Learn how to activate and publish your salon Google Places listing the right way and gain more prospects, while discovering how to navigate your Google Places dashboard so that you can read and understand your visitor stats. Grab this easy to follow, step-by-step guide with picture tutorials to get your Salon Google Places listing so that your potential customers can easily find you online. Make more money by using this simple listing to increase profits and customers! Grab Your Salon Google Places Guide NOW!

FREE E-book Download! Hair Growth Survival Guide

The Do's & Don'ts of Growing Longer Healthier Hair!
Grow your hair Grab your free e-book now!

FREE GIFT! Grow Longer Healthier Hair!

Discover how to have stronger, longer healthier curls with the Hair Growth Survival Guide!

If you want to learn the secret recipes, foods you should eat and products that are recommended to growing healthier curls then this free download is just what you're looking for!

As a thank you to the readers of, this e-book is for you. And it's completely FREE! Grab it now!

FREE Prom Hairstyling Guide!

Secrets to the Perfect Prom Hairstyle!
Define Those CURLS!

No matter if you are styling your hair yourself for prom or having your hairstylist design a fabulous style for your special day, read this free guide to styling your hair for prom. It's a must-have guide!


Discover how to get the perfect prom hairstyle secrets to make you the one everyone is talking about.

Sign Up for the FREE Hair League Newsletter!

Hair League Newsletter - SIGN UP NOW!

Curly Hair Newsletter Tips and Advice Column Regardless of your hair texture, learn everything you need to know to manage, style and care for your curly hair.

Simply sign-up for the HAIR LEAGUE NEWSLETTER!

It's Free! Sign-up NOW! This is what you'll get...

  • Advice from Curly Hair Experts and Hairstylists
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  • Natural Hair Recipes
  • Color & Styling Tips
  • Natural Products
  • "WHAT'S NEW" in the Curly World
  • Directory of curly salons & spas
  • ...and MUCH MUCH MORE


Best Currrrly Hair Products!

Curlylicious Hottttttt T-shirt, Gifts & Accessories!

Curly Tee Shirt Get your groove on this fall/winter season sporting this fabulous Curlylicious t-shirt. Hey, we even offer warm hoodies too! While you show off your curly locks this season, say it loud and say it proud with this cool fashion accent!

This Curlylicious baby soft 100% superfine combed cotton baby rib t-shirt is perfect for sporting with a pair of jeans. Find this perfect apparel style in your size along with other Curlylicious clothing, caps and funky stuff right here at!

  • The TOP celebrity conditioning product used by celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey, Heather Graham and Beyonce Knowles. It's finally been revealed and is sharing this secret with YOU!
  • Find the most suitable flat iron for your curly hair. Check out the real results plus before and after pictures for our recommendations like Maxiglide, True Ceramic Pro and one of our favorites the SEDU hair straightening iron making curly heads silky smooth!
  • Define your CURLS with one of the hottest curl products on the market! Curly Hair Salon
  • Hair tools to ease your bad hair days. Featured top curly hair brushes, diffusers and dryers to keep your hair frizz free!
  • Need help on caring for your babies hair? How about your kids hair, teens hair or mens hair... All the information you are looking for.
  • Considering growing dreadlocks? Find out how to grow and maintain your dreads the natural way!
  • Need help caring for your hair loss. Learn how to manage your hair and how to find treatment.
  • Chlorine, water and shower filters... Knowing information about these can make all the difference in your curls.
  • Need a hair doctor to show you how your curly hair should be cut? Find out how to cut curly hair the right way! All the right information you need is right here!


Find out how you can reach targeted readers looking for your product!

Curly Hair Resource Center

Check out the Prom Hairstyle Guide F-R-E-E e-book! A book created for your special prom day! Several curlies have reported back that it is the most comprehensive, easy-to-read prom aid ever!

Look at these excellent curly hair magazines and books. Included are curly hair resources just for YOU!

Find hair shows in your area! Take a look at the beauty conventions going on around the globe.

Need extra moisture but want to make sure it's all-natural? Consider an essential oil homemade recipe to condition your hair and scalp naturally!

Learn everything you need to know about coloring your hair before it's too late. Find the hair color advice and tips you've been looking for along with information on choosing the right color for you. Both store bought colors and homemade hair dye...

Share Your BIGGEST Hair Problem Get your questions answered!

DIFFUSE Those Curly Locks! - CONAIR PRO Professional Interchangeable 3 in 1 Universal Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachment (Model:CPDO5)

Interchangeable 3 in 1 Universal Diffuser Attachment fits most dryers. Is perfect for permed or naturally wavy hair, and maintains curl without frizz. It evenly distributes air for gentler drying. Also includes 3 interchangeable heads.

CONAIR PRO Professional Interchangeable 3 in 1 Universal Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachment (Model:CPDO5) Site Build It!

Curly Hair Online Store


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Split Ends Cause and Treatment
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Hampton University Bans Dreadlocks and Cornrows
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Hampton University Reader Poll & Stats
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Micro Braids — What You Want to Know
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Infusium 23
Infusium 23 Leave-In Conditioner has been a lifesaver in detangling hair after shampooing.

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Read one woman's Sisterlocks Journey and find pictures of Sisterlocks.

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Kids Hair Cuts
Good kids hair cuts can make all the difference in a happy kid and a happy cut.

Just for Me Leave-In Conditioner
The Just for Me Leave-In Conditioner works magic on African American and Biracial children's hair.

Find the perfect boy hair style for your hair texture and features
Find the boy hair style most suited for your hair texture, features and lifestyle.

Find the latest teen hair styles and cuts.
The latest teen hair styles and cuts are just a click away!

Natural Hair & Braids Magazine Info Offer Useful Tips!
Braids magazine articles offer useful information for those looking for a braid hairstyle.

African Braids Can Be Versatile Too!
Learn how to make African Braids more versatile!

The Curls Hair Product
Biracial and Ethnic Curls hair product line defines all curly hair textures.

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Find out all about Sedu hair styles. Follow these tips for the best way to use this celebrity flat iron.

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Find out how to get the Lisa Rinna Hair Style. It's easier than you think.

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Vegetable Hair Dye Is A Safe Alternative to Hair Color

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Learn how to choose a natural hair dye for your hair regardless of your hair type and texture. What you need to know.

Natural Hair Twist
Find out how to do a natural hair twist on your hair.

Choosing A Natural Hair Wig that Suits You
Learn how to choose a natural hair wig.

HairMax LaserComb
The best hair loss growth formulas in the HairMax LaserComb. Works with the follicles of your hair to promote hair growth.

Ceramic Flat Iron
Find the most popular ceramic flat iron brands that work well with curly hair.

Deva Curl Hair Products
Deva Curl hair products are a staple hair product for curly girls everywhere.

Find Your Celebrity Hair Style
Find your own celebrity hair style with these celeb hair picture tips and informative advice.

ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment
ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment restores the hair back to health naturally.

True Ceramic Pro
The True Ceramic Pro really does fulfill it's promise of straight hair!

Prom Hairstyle Guide
Prom Hairstyle Guide 'no cost' e-book provides hairstyle advice for your prom day.

Hair Products
Find the most popular hair products for all hair types.

Cradle Cap
Baby cradle cap is a common condition that can be easily treated with the right baby hair treatment.

Rollers for Curly Hair
Find the best rollers for curly hair that will make your hair look amazing in any weather condition.

Stylish Curly Hair
Picture gallery of stylish curly hair styles to suit your hair type and texture.

Windmere Curly Top Hair Dryer
One of the top hair dryers for curly hair is the Windmere Curly Top Hair Dryer that is gentle and non-damaging, making the perfect curls.

Gorgeous Curly Hair Redhead Celebrities
See photo galleries of celebrity curly hair redhead divas that know how to rock a curly hair style!

Curly Site Search
Curly site search page by offers a site search page for all things curly.

Celebrities Love Lace Front Wigs!
Lace front wigs are receiving rave reviews from people all across the globe.

Grow Hair
Learn the foods you can eat to grow hair that will

Jane Carter Solution
Find out why the Jane Carter Solution is so good for all types of curly hair.

Beat the Summer Hair Blues
Learn how to care for your summer hair style, by treating your hair with moisturizing products and by following these home hair recipes.

Castor Oil Hair Loss
Castol oil hair loss treatment has been known to work for those experiencing thinning hair and hair loss.

Postpartum Hair Loss
If you are experiencing postpartum hair loss, these are the signs and treatment measures available to you.

Brazilian Hair Straighteners
Find out everything you need to know about the Brazilian hair straighteners with formaldehyde and formaldehyde-free keratin hair formulations. Find out which is less harmful to you.

Beyonce Lace Front Wig
Find out about Beyonce's lace front wig secrets.

Cancer Hair Loss
Cancer Hair Loss: What you need to know

Candida and Hair Loss
Find out the relation between candida and hair loss.

Chinese Herbs For Hair Loss
Find Chinese herbs for hair loss here!

Depakote Hair Loss
Depakote hair loss? Find out the truth.

Diabetes and Hair Loss
Diabetes and hair loss, are they linked?

Estrogen and Hair Loss
Find out the relation between estrogen and hair loss here.

Female Hair Loss Remedies
Female Hair Loss Remedies that can be used to help cure hair loss

Female Hair Loss Treatment
Find effective female hair loss treatment that attack the root cause.

Female hair loss vitamin
Find out about the female hair loss vitamin that can help stop the condition of hair loss.

Getting Hair Loss Help
The most effective ways of getting hair loss help are being shared with you here.

Hair Loss After Pregnancy
Postpartum - What you should know about hair loss after pregnancy.

Hair Loss and Pregnancy
Find out the relationship between hair loss and pregnancy now.

Hair Loss and Women
Find out the possible causes and cures for hair loss and women.

Womans Hair Loss
Find the possible causes and cures for womans hair loss.

Hair Loss Facts
Find out about the facts about hair loss before it's too late.

Curly Hair T-shirts
Curly Hair T-shirts are popular every day of the week! Curlylicious t-shirts, caps, accessories and more have become a popular edition to many curly haired individuals everywhere.

What Are Bleached Knots?
Find out what bleached knots are on a lace front wig or any wig for that matter.

Natural Hair Care Can Do Wonders for Your Health
Find out why natural hair care is so important for your health.

Healthy Eating for Good Hair
Healthy eating for good hair? These foods will help you grow long hair.

Complete Guide to Growing Longer, Healthier Curly Hair

Step-By-Step Guide

If you've always been struggling with your curl's help has arrived!

Discover the step-by-step styling secrets and recipes to improve your hair's strength but also learn how to improve your hair's state naturally!

Guide to Longer & Healthier Curly Hair

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